January 22, 2016

New on My Easel, Day 2

I spent just a little time in the studio today due to illnesses in the family.  But I did get some color spread around the canvas--enough that I can now start building on it.  Also, I think I have a mood expressed that I'd like to try to keep.  Stay tuned.

New on My Easel

I've started a new canvas--just sketched in.  The painting is based on a photo that I snapped while my husband and I were visiting Zuni, New Mexico last spring on our way to Santa Fe and Taos.  We lodged at a bed and breakfast in Zuni Pueblo for a couple of nights and briefly explored the area.  

The subject of the painting is Corn Mountain.  The area has its mystery and magic.  I hope to convey some of that mystery in my work.  I'll post more photos of the work as it progresses, so come back and visit my blog again.  You can see more of my work on my website at

January 8, 2016

Winter Juried Exhibition

I have three oil paintings showing in the Winter Juried Exhibition at Jansen Art Center in Lynden, WA. The exhibit showcases artists' work in Whatcom County and the surrounding region -- 64 pieces from 25 artists.  The show is up through January 29, 2016.  Stop by to see it.  It's a wonderful distraction from the winter weather!  And who knows, you may find something to take home.

These are my three pieces that were accepted for the show.

Ann Wallace Paintings, Winter Juried Exhibition, 
Jansen Art Center, Lynden, WA

Tunnel View Has a Home and a Replacement

One never knows how, when and why a painting will be purchased!  I must say I like the suspense.  I was in North Carolina this past fall for a family reunion.  While I was there a friend saw my painting Tunnel View on my website and decided it had to be hers.  The painting is now lovingly hanging in a home in Savannah, Georgia.  I love it when a piece inspires joy.

Tunnel View was a painting which I had in a solo exhibit this summer in my home town Bellingham, WA.  So that the new owner could have her painting as soon as possible, I painted a replacement piece to hang in its place.   Does it look familiar?  I cropped the right-hand portion of Tunnel View and created the Three Brothers.  The new painting gets it name from the land formations I depicted named Three Brothers.  This location is in Yosemite National Park.

Tunnel View,  oil, 24 x 30 inches, SOLD 

The Three Brothers, oil, 24 x 30 inches, available